Country and Club


Country Two-Step

This is the defining dance of Country and Western dancing. Two- Step is a traveling dance that has many turns and endless possibilities of patterns. The music is generally upbeat and fun and can be danced to country classics as well as contemporary artists.   The Two-Step will keep you dancing all night at any country club.

Night Club Two-Step

listening to Country music knows at least one Country ballad.  It is these songs that the Night Club was created for.  This easy, smooth dance is a popular alternative to the old “Buckle Polisher” or “Seventh Grade Sway”.  This is sometimes chosen as a wedding dance as well.



The Hustle is a catchall name for several disco dances which were extremely popular in the 1970s. Today it mostly refers to the unique partner dance done in ballrooms and nightclubs to disco music. This dance style has some features in common with swing dances, such as utilizing a rock step in the basic like East Coast Swing, and being a slotted dance like West Coast Swing. It has a unique syncopated rhythm counted “And, 1, 2, 3”. The Hustle is danced to upbeat tunes, has lots of spins and turns, and is a club favorite that offers the opportunity to dance at almost any dance or social event.


A very energetic Latin dance, complete with spins, sharp movement, and crisp turns. Very popular in Latin clubs along with Merengue. Style varies depending on where you are from. For example, Costa Rican Salsa in general goes side to side but LA Salsa goes forward and backwards. This dance is also similar to Mambo. A great dance to learn if you want to break into the Latin club scene.

West Coast Swing

A smooth, sensual, slotted variation of the Lindy Hop or Jitterbug that showcases the lady. West Coast Swing is danced to a wide range of music from Jazz and Blues to Country and Rock.  This is one of the most versatile dances for any occasion.   At the more advanced level, it allows for more independence and play for the follow, within the structure of the dance, making every dance unique even with the same partner.