Technique Videos

Technique DVDs are available for purchase to help dancers of all levels enhance their skills at home. Each video contains practice drills and tips for both leads and follows to work on independently making your partner dance experience even more fun and enjoyable.

Spins and Turns – All Levels

A detailed description of many spins and turns used throughout dancing regardless of the style of dance. This video includes fundamental techniques and drills to enhance your ability and understanding of spins and turns. The drills described in the video are for individuals (no partner required). There are also examples of where the spins and turns are used in the basics of several different partner dances. Leads, who do not necessarily want to turn themselves, should learn what they are asking their partners to do. This video is for everyone!

West Coast Swing Basics with Technique – Beginning-Advanced Level

A step by step break down of the underarm turn, side pass, sugar push, locked whip and closed whip for both leads and follows—the most desirable and stylish follows know all of their own basics. This video includes a variety of drills to assist the development of your footwork and style. The final section of the video will incorporate the footwork and technique from the drills into your dance to evolve your basics from novice to advanced level.

Night Club Two-Step Basics with Technique – Beginning-Advanced Level

A complete breakdown of patterns and timing for both leaders and followers of the Night Club Two-Step basic, ladies underarm turn, and left partner turn that will have beginner dancers out on the dance floor quickly. This video also includes detailed information on the partnership connection, arm styling, and footwork within the same patterns to elevate your basics from simple to stylish.

Technique Videos